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About: World of Cellular Secrets
World of Cellular Secrets got online in late 1996 under the name "World of Ericsson and Nokia secrets" with a goal to become 
a useful and updated info site for Nokia and Ericsson phones. Within months the site was visited by so many people asking for 
other phones that I decided to add a few more models like Philips Genie and Fizz. In 1998 the name was changed to the name we know 
today "World of Cellular Secrets". In 3 years World of Cellular Secrets has become of the most popular info site sites on the net with over 
230.000 visits (650.000 hits) a month and more than 17.000 people in maillist. WOCS is without doubt the fastest growing cellular site on 
the net with about 30% extra members paying members every month. In the first 3 month of '99 the numbers of people signing up for a 
membership / month was increased with more than 80%. And it never seems to stop.

If you have any interest in knowing more about World of Cellular Secrets please contact us.
We are interested in advertisers and business partners ..

Niels Regelsen. Webmaster and Owner.

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