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What do we mean by 6 months Membership for 12 Dollars?
The 12 dollars is a one-time charge. After 6 months the membership will expire unless you decide you signup for another
6 do this just signup for a new membership and you will receive a new membership mail with your UserPassword.
How Secure is signing up with Credit Card ?
World of Cellular Secrets uses a company called RegNow which uses high secure servers systems to take orders from you. If there is any problems or questions related to this issue you can always contact support or us. (see contact form)
Over 1000 happy members has already signup without problems.
Does this site include copyrighted software like Winlock or Wintesla ?
World of Cellular Secret' software sections is getting larger for every update but WOCS has got no copyrighted service software for download. However the site may tell you where to find such software in some cases.
I want to send free SMS messages but I can't find some that work!?
Working numbers can be found in the "Inferno page" on the membersite.
Can I get new melodies into my Nokia 51XX phone
No..It's difficult and can not be done easily.. With 6110, 8110i, 7110 and 8810 however this is possible. Info and programs for this purpose can be found on the Membersite.
Does the site have other types of phone than GSM 900 and 1800?
Some information can be found .. however WOCS should be considered as a GSM 900 - 1800 site.
See Phone list for supported phones on the site.

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