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Nokia 2110i

To view IMEI
(International Mobile Equipment Identity) number enter *#06#

To view Week and Year of manufacture enter *#3283# [*# D A T E #]

The last two digits are the year. If the year is 95, the first two digits are the month.
For 96 the first two digits are the week of the year.

To view the software version on 2110e / 2110i enter *#170602112302# or *#9999#
On newer phones, the code has been changed to

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Nokia 3110

To view IMEI
(International Mobile Equipment Identity) number enter *#06#

*#7780# restores Factory Settings..(Memory, language, counters not included)

*#3110# for checking the phone's software (SW) - called firmware revision information.

Software Version 7.11 (24-09-97)
[Improvements are following:]
- An updated GSM operators' list.
- By pressing C during a call which then changes the NaviKey's function
to Options that include putting the call on hold, address book, sending DTMF and ending the Call.
- The hold function is complemented by a new Menu function "call waiting
service" and the "In Call functions" altogether are activated via a settings menu item.
- The leaflet also indicates that the volume of all ringing tones have been raised.
- The most convenient addition however was the option to add a number directly from the
dialled/received/missed calls to the phonebook.
When a number in those registers is highlighted and is not in the phonebook already,
the Navikey displays "Options" which include save and dial.
- Improvements in transmission and reception, though it have not quite been confirm yet.
- A "fast silent mode" (like in 8110) can now be entered easy. (see tips & info)
- Worst surprise: NO more any answer key!!!! ;(

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Nokia 5110, 6110 and 8810 Tips and Info

Power Button Tip:

If you press the button for a short moment, the menu with the profiles is shown on the display.
If you press one more time, the mobile turns itself off. You can use the up and down cursor keys
to scroll and enable a different alert setting.

The 54# Tip:

1#, 2#........54# on the keypad (when you're not in the menu) to get the phone number used for with this key when speed dialing.

Some other tips and info:

Toggle Headset and Auto settings and What's a Business Card?...

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Ericsson GF/GH388, GH688, GF768, GF788, SH888

for checking the IMEI (International Mobile Equipment Identity)

*#0000# to reset the phones menu-language to English.

>*<<*<* for checking the firmware revision information (software release)

The phone should display something similar to this:

CXC125065          - Cell phone's internalproduct code. 
PRG                        - Firmware revision - software version (date & time stamp).
970715 1515 

LASTEST  Version and Info about this version: 

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Philips Genie

Some Secret codes for this phone:

*#06#      IMEI number (International Mobile Equipment Identity)
*#2254*# Status register: C, BS, RR, MMI, CREAT.
*#2255*# activate and deactivate the "DEBUG CALL"-Mode; when activated,
make a call to a busy line an the phone will disp some hex-codes on the disp.
*#2558*# the time in days,hours and minutes you are connected to the net
*#2562*# not clear; the phone reconnects to the net
*#2565*# not clear; warmstart ?
*#3333*# (NO) BLOCKING - list (15 items)

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