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b y  N i e l s  R e g e l s e n.


This Weeks Updates and News:

- Ericsson T28 page added [Lastest firmware info, Codes and Tips]
- Nokia 8810 page added [Lastest firmware info, Codes and Tips]
- New Light Tip added on Nokia 8110 page.
- Newest Firmware info for Nokia 3210 added
- Newest Firmware info for Nokia 6150 added
- Newest Firmware info for Ericsson GA628 added
- Link added [enoteZ - Free Text Messaging Website]


- Sagem SP unlock and Test mode program added.

- Motorola unlock program added. [Home Service v1.3]

- Motorola IMEI change program added. [Home Service IMEI Changer v1.3]
- Sony C-1 SP unlock info added. 
- Siemens S3/S4 SP unlock info added.
- Free SMS section updated. 
- Info on newest firmware version added for: Nokia 3110, 5110, 6110, 
- Nokia 8810, 3210, 9110 info added [Some codes plus latest firmware info]


- Service provider code list updated.
- Link added. [Change sound and logo on your Siemens C25]  
- Update menu size from 768 to 788 info updated.
- 768 menu to 788 menu Tip NOW Comfirmed several times.
- Free sms c numbers updated. [Two new number added.]
- Savvy Unlock software added. [For Cable and Eeprom dump]
- Ericsson pages updated.
- Links updated.
- Info about T18 program added.
- SGH-600 unlock info Updated [
Unlock the phone by code !!!]
- SGH-600 unlock software. [For Cable]
- SGH-600 IMEI changer program [For Cable]



- Siemens C-25 codes and cable schematics added.
- Philips Savvy unlock info added.
- Some Sagem info added.
- Siemens SGH-600 section updated [
Unlock the phone by code !!!]

- Ericsson 2xx/3xx cable schematics added.
- Ericsson 6xx/7xx pinouts corrected/updated.
- Pinouts for Alcatel
HC600/800/1000 added.
- Pinouts for Motorola 5200, 7200, 7500, 6200, 8200, 8400 added.
- Pinouts and cable schematics for Sagem 612, 615, 715, 725, 730 added.
- Pinouts and cable schematics for Samsung SGH600 added.
- Info on software page updated. [info about c25 unlocking program, fakes etc.].


- Get Ericsson GF788 menu in your GF768 tip added to GF768 section!
- Ericsson 8xx and T18 Unlocker program.
- Maxon Unlock Software. [No cable needed!]
- PINouts for 5110/6110 added to 5110 and 6110 page.
- PINouts for 8110(i) added to 8110(i) page.
- PINouts for 788/788e/768/ added to 788 page.
- Seven tips added to 8110(i) page:
- 1. "Never loose a call again when placing the phone in your car kit" tip.
- 2. "Use your call cost feature as extra text displaying" tip.
- 3. "Quick save a phn. number while in a call" tip.
- 4. "Quick delete a sms message" tip.
- 5. "Turning light on temporary" tip.
- 6. "Silent mode temporary" tip.
- 7. "Closing the cover without ending a call" tip.
- Siemens page added with Monitor Mode codes. (


- Italian lira now accepted as payment.
- Banktransfer and checks now accepted from Denmark.
Danish ad added to startpage.
- GF628 codes added. [Quick time and date stamp in display by keypress.]
- Info on FREE CALL on Ericsson phones updated on all Ericsson pages.


- Service Provider Code List updated.
- News about FREE Call in Netherlands on Inferno page.

Software page
- Bosch unlock and IMEI program added.

Inferno page
- FREE call in Netherlands NOW Confirmed Working.

Nokia 3110 page
- Newest sw version info added.

Nokia 5110 page
- Newest sw version info added.
- Free Call tip updated.

Nokia 6150 and 8810 section ("other Nokia phones" page)
- Newest sw version info added for both models.

Nokia 6110 page
- Free Call tip updated.
- Download Ringtones to your phone from the web directly (updated)

Link page
- New Links added.

Bosch and Motorola page
- Fast dial Tip added.


- FAQ page updated.
Legal Notice updated.
Service Provider Code List page added. [SP unlock Nokia phones older than 5110 by code - all 4 locks!]

Mot pages

- FREE Call on cd160 and cd520 mot phones trick added.

Inferno page
- FREE Call in the Netherlands updated. [The trick has been reported working on Holland! - detailed Info added.]

Nokia 5110 and 6110 page
- FREE Call Tip for Nokia 51xx/61xx phones added.

Software page
- Nokia IMEI changer for Nokia 51xx/61xx phones added. [Windows program..For use with M2bus cable]
- Service provider code list links added.


Inferno page

- FREE Call in the Netherlands added. [VERY easy tip for calling for free in Holland. Works on all phones !]

Software page
- Universal SP unlocker (v3.2) added. [Unlocks phones like Alcatel, Bosch, Dancall, Nokia plus a lot more.]
- Raluka (v2.0b) Nokia 51xx / 61xx simlock unlocker (all 4 locks) added.

- Program for activating Test Mode on Ericsson 6xx / 7xx phones added.

Samsung page (SGH-600)
New Secret Codes & description added. [Now over 23 Secret Codes incl. Netmonitor,
Buzzer adjust etc.]

Nokia 6110 page
- 6110 Reboot Trick added. [Force your 6110 to flash with background light and reboot after seconds of craziness]

Other Ericsson Phones page
- Trick for activating Greetings Menu on GF768 (and GF788).

Bosch page
- Bosch 608 Pin-out added.
- More Sim lock codes added

Extra updates: Alcatel unlock program replaced with non-password protected version..
M2bus schematics picture link more.


Software page
- Erserv32 v1.8 added. [Ericsson Program for unlock, IMEI change, RBS, Welcome message change, EEprom dump]

- Show all locks program added [Program for getting the NCK, NSCK, CCK and User Lock from Ericsson phones' eeprom]
- BIN files (Eeprom dumps) for use with eeprom upload programs like Erserv32 added..
- Nokia Phone Info [Program for getting info about your Nokia phone. (IMEI, Product Code, SP/SIM Lock status etc.]

Nokia 5110 page
- M2BUS cable
schematics added (for use with wintesla and winlock etc.).

Nokia 6110 page
- M2BUS cable
schematics added (for use with wintesla and winlock etc.).
- Specifications for newest firmware/software in 6110 added.


Mays "send-in-some-info" winnner posted on startpage.
- Small adjustments / corrections made on site.
- Layout competition added.Win a Free Membership and BIG credit + Cash.. Link

Nokia 6110 page
-Newest sw version added.


Contact form added for non members.
Bank transfer option added to Nokia Data Cables order page.
Instructions for using Alcatel Unlock-Code-Generator program added.


- A Winner is found in the Big Quiz ! -
Click here to check if it's you..
- Samsung Page
added. [ Over 18 for SGH-600 eg. The LCD Contrast, Batt./Temp. Meter and Network Monitor codes.]
- NEC Page
added. [ Unlock procedure for sim and Net locks + more..]
Buy a Nokia Data Cable (Nokia data suite cable) 5110 / 6110 / 6150 Only 49 US Dollars! More info

Software page
- Alcatel Unlock-Code-Generator program
- Bosch Unlock program added.
- Ericsson 6xx/7xx program for unlock, IMEI change, RBS, Welcome message change, EEprom dump.
  (Erserv32 (v1.3) program)

Ericsson 6xx 7xx pages
- Schematics for 6xx/7xx cables added

Nokia 6110 page
-Tip for quicker SMS typing added.

'Other Nokia phones' page

- More Info about software version added to 6150 section. [EFR option in different sw versions.]

Picture page
Picture of monitor mode on 6110 added (not seen before).


- The Big Quiz is now running [Win a Membership worth 12 dollars]
Free sms numbers (smsc) added / updated on inferno page.
- Bosch page updated with more info about engineering Menu and SIM-lock.
- Programs added on Software page. [Operator logo editor programs for Nokia]


- Online Cellular Chat Room added.

- Bosch page added with codes. SP unlock and engineering Menu..etc.
- Sagem Page with engineering menu added.

Nokia 6110 page
- 'Call menu' tip added.

Motorola page
- CD 160 tips added. (Shortcuts)

Philips page
- Philips Genie (TCD838) code added. (Beeps when phone reconnects to net)

Ericsson GH688 page
- Monitor Mode Code added.


- Netscape browser bug at fixed. (no more black screen!)
The site has moved to (No more server down !)

Alcatel  One Touch Easy Page:

- Service menu code added.


- Mail list for members added.

All Ericsson pages:
- Info on how to access menu without a Sim card in the phone ..

Nokia 2110i page
- Sw version added.

Nokia 3110 page
- Sw info added.

Nokia 5110 page
- Info about a bug in phones sw added.
- New tip added.

Nokia 3110, 5110, 6110, 8110(i) page
- New Info on "Transfer user data" in Warranty menu added.

Inferno page
- More sw version info, on how to activate Monitor mode, added.
- Free sms service numbers added.

Nokia 8110(i) page
- Tip on how to recall old ringtone added.

Other Nokia phones:
- New sw version added to 6150 info.


- "Other Alcatel phones" page added. [Software info on HC400 and HC 1000]
- "Other Ericsson phones" page added. [DH368 phone codes added]

Alcatel one touch easy page
- SP unlock info added. [How to unlock SP lock info]

"Other Nokia phones" page
- Nokia 1611, 8810, 6080, 6081 models added [Info is about SW info mainly]
- Nokia 6150 newest sw version added.

Nokia 2110i, 3110, 5110, 8110(i) page
- Newest sw versions added.

Inferno page
- Nokia 6110 eeprom data header info added. [Shows IMEI1+ 2, Security Code, Prodc. Code etc.]
- IMEI info updated

Software page
- Nokia SP lock generator (all 4 locks) program (v.6.6) added

Nokia 5110 page
- New tip [Larger numbers in Phone book]


- Members start page has been changed. ["Site stats" added, Xmas window and some link removed].
- Broken "Back" links fixed on all pages.
- "Why Become a Member?" page has been changed. [ "BannerMember" page moved from start page * ]
  * It's now even easier to Become a BannerMember [see "Why Become a Member?" page]


- Startpage has been changed. A Christmas Note, maillist & info-box for non-members has been added.
- The Big Quiz is now running..[Win a Membership worth 8 dollars]
- "Why Become a Member?" page has been's now easier to become a BannerMember!

- UserPassword box script has been improved.

Nokia 6110 page
- Nokia service added [Download new group logos directly from the web with a mouseclick]
- Small changes in SW and SP info on the page..

Nokia 5110 page
- Nokia service added [Download new group logos directly from the web with a mouseclick]
Cellular Pictures page
- Picture added. [007 group logo].

Software page
- 2 Programs for unlocking the SP lock on Nokia 51xx and 61xx and Ericsson 6xx and 7xx series added.

Motorola page
- Great Link for hardcore mot owners has been added..

Link Page
- Same Great Link for hardcore mot owners has been added..


- UserPassword box is now set as "password" instead of "text"
- Netscape support - NOW Netscape users can join the site without login problems.
- BannerMembers service added.
- Quiz page added (win a Membership worth 8 dollars)
- Lost password service removed [way to many fake members tried to get a userpassword ;( ]

Inferno page
- Nokia Ringtones service added. [Download new ringtones directly from the web with a mouseclick]

  for all the new nokia models.

Cellular Pictures page
- Startup pictures added.
- My Equipment picture added.

Nokia 6110 page
- SW info updated.
- Secret codes info added.
- Nokia Data suite Cable info added. [Build your own..]
- Info about how to download new ringtones directly from the web.

Other Nokia phones page
- Nokia 6160/6162 info updated.
- Nokia 6150 info added.
- Nokia 6190 info added [Test mode, service menu ...]

Date: 18.11.98  Beginning og WOCS Version 2

World of Cellular Secrets replaced old WOCS site... Layout and Colors changed, sw and codes has been updated, jokes and new info added a.s.o. We havn't even got space for listing it all... 

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